Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Let the good times roll!!!!!!


Now we have the 1st legitimate contending team since the Boston Garden closed. The jungle will be rocking and rolling with excitement. I just hope Tommy does not run out of Tommy Points. Screw this building a team with young kids and watching them grow up. Look, there are only two ways to build a championship caliber team.

1) Draft superstars.
2) Trade for superstars.

We correctly chose method two rather than gamble on Gerald Green and AL Jefferson becoming superstars. I don't have time to read through all the messageboard literature advocating method one. Danny, Doc, Pierce, and the Q don't have time for that. I call this glories last shot. The Celtics fans have had to suffer through decades of the post Big Three Depression. Now you got three stars united and desperate for a Championship. And what better place to do it than in Boston - A CITY of CHAMPIONS.

With the Red Sox and Patriots gearing up for title runs, Boston can bring home the 1st team triple crown in American Sports History. That is thought to be impossible but then again, I thought it was impossible for me to make my home in Kansas at one time.

So in looking over the roster and payroll (, our needs are a veteran big man and a veteran PG. We have both exception slots and we must fill a twelth spot (assuming both Glen Davis and Gabe Pruitt sign). My vet big man candidate is Dukimbe Mutombo and my vet PG is Pargo (played backup PG to Chris Paul of the Hornets).
As a bonus, KG is the longest contracted player on the Celtics with his 3 year extension. Thank you, Kevin for giving KG to Boston and denying the Lakers Kobe Bryant (HEHEHEHEE!!!!).

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