Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Debate with Spurs realgm author

[i]Everybody wants to be the Spurs. Even with the remodeling of franchises such as Houston, Boston, New York and others, it’s been two months through the offseason and this much is true: San Antonio is still the team to beat. At this time last year, clubs such as Dallas or Phoenix were said to be the league’s best; the two teams that would ultimately lay claim to the NBA title. But what’s been realized is that staying pat is often times the best thing to do. With job security dwindling at an all-time rate, clubs are pushing full throttle to try and steal the crown. The problem is that the moves are made out of desperation, not from actual need. Take Boston, for example. The acquisitions of Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen undoubtedly make it better. For the next two years, three max. But will the Celtics truly threaten the Spurs, or even the Suns or Mavs? What about the Bulls or Pistons? The answer is no. Boston had a plethora of young talent in its stables. What the Celtics needed was time to grow and nourish that talent; young studs such as forward Al Jefferson and wing Gerald Green. Given adequate time, the Celtics could have been an Eastern Conference force in two years, and would probably have made the postseason next year. Here’s a little secret that Danny Ainge doesn’t realize: the team’s problem was not its youth or lack of veteran leadership. Its problem was coach Doc Rivers, who in all his years as coach has yet to understand the concept of a rotation and continues to blunder late-game situations. Celtic mainstay Paul Pierce may have been upset and threatened to trade had Ainge not pursued the aforementioned All-Stars, but, hey, trading Pierce would have been in the team’s best interest as well. Imagine the quality young pieces that could have prospered alongside Jefferson and Green, as well as Ryan Gomes and guard Sebastian Telfair; all of whom deserved a chance to see what they could do in due time in a conference that is still considerably weak. Instead, what Ainge ultimately bought Boston way maybe one or two 50-win seasons, and a few trips to the Conference semis. Because at this point, the Celts are still in the rearview mirror of the Heat, Pistons, Bulls and Cavs. ...... Everybody wants to be the Spurs but nobody’s figured out how. [/i]

So we are not as good as the Bulls or Pistons. Come-on guy, we have three of the top ten EC players. I agree that Doc Rivers is a question mark. You have been reading our blogs on how we should trade Pierce and commit to the youth movement. The fact is that our ideas of accumulating trading pieces and waiting for the right opportunity to trade for superstars is going to be debated against being patient with the youth movement (Chicago post Jordan era). Chicago kept niether Tyson Chandler or Ed Curry - both hi lottery picks. It looks like they got better with Joakim Noah and admittedly, I'm on record in the blogs as stating my wish to trade down to get Noah. Ainge was put in a terrible spot - take the 5th pick Jeff Green and put Pierce along with other young talent on the auction block. This route would have cost Danny Ainge his job along with Doc Rivers. And our core would have looked something like: Perkins, Jefferson, Jeff Green, Delonte West, and Rondo with Tony Allen, Ryan Gomes, Powe, and whoever we got in the Pierce deal coming off the bench. And that lineup may only get you 30 wins next year and a chance at OJ Mayo. Besides, all those rookie deals expire at the same time and Ainge has that worst dilemma an NBA GM has: who to extend and who to let go. Case in point - I think Orlando made a major GM blunder in letting Darko Milicic go and signing Rashard Lewis to a ghastly 110 million dollar contract. KG extended at a bargain 61 million for Boston. Of our youth, we believe that Al Jefferson will become a major star, eventually. Gerald Green needs to mature, I think he is still two seasons away. West and Gomes are solid rotation guys. Telfair will never amount to anything in this league. Ratliffe and Sczczerbiak were supposed to be veteran fill-ins but were in the infirmery and never produced anything with us. The fact that Danny was able to turn all these quote, assets into Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett is a miracle that will not duplicated in the NBA for a long time. And our window of opportunity is 4 years with Truth, Ticket, and Shuttlesworth. I look forward to coming to San Antonio and taking the trophy away from you next June. If that proves to be the last NBA title Boston wins in my lifetime, it was worth the trade.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ups and Downs

Being a fan of the Red Sox, CELTICS, and Patriots has its ups and downs. For example: The Celtics won 15 championships in my 1st 27 years of existance and could do no wrong in trades, draft picks, and FA signings (thank you Red Auerbach). Then after the 1986 championship until this summer, the Celtics could do nothing right and when they did, bad luck would repeated kick the leprecahn's behind. And then, Danny Ainge has engineered two outstanding trades to find veteran running mates Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett and suddenly the Celtics became relevant for the 1st time since Larry Bird retired. Now there is talk of Reggie Miller making a comeback and he would help the cause.

With the Red Sox, I had to wait all my life for the eleven days of October 2004 to happen. Seemed like on October 16, 2004, I was almost thrown in jail for getting into it with Y-----s Fans (19-8 loss to go down 0-3). And then one game at time, one inning, one pitch at a time, the Red Sox sustained a once in a ten lifetime comeback against their arch rivals. That game five 6 hour classic was the best baseball game ever played anywhere. And then Curt Schilling's legend of the bloody suck for game six. Funny thing was some media news hack in Wichita was trying to interview about the rumored sale of the airplane plant. My response: What rumor! Let's talk Red Sox trying to pull off one the great feats in team sports. Saw my Red Sox cap and said, "Hey good luck with that, I hope they can do it". Anyway, we (Me and Mrs Q) went to a bar and started cheering for the Red Sox. The bar owner claimed to have wagered 800 bucks on the Yankees and his attitude showed it. I ticked him off with git me anothah Sammy's Beeah. Then A-fraud knocked out the ball from Bronson Arroyo's glove with his purse as Derek Cheatah gaily rose his right hand scoring the apparent 2nd Y----- run. It was correctly called back due to A-fraud interference. As the game ended, the bar owner told me to move back to Boston. I payed the bill and definitely stiffed him. So it was game seven on my 2nd anniversary with the 2nd wife (The 1st one witnessed me throwing the game 6 VHS tape in the apartment pool promptly after the ball went though Buckner's legs). The Red Sox rarely get 2nd chances against the Y-----s. So for my 2nd anniversary, I bought two pairs of Red Socks and met up with my wife at the Fox and Hound sports bar. I said, "Happy Anniversary and put these on and whatever happens, happens." Johnny Damon hit his grannie and I swear the bar erupted in front. This guy next to me was wearing an OU hat high fiving me and I joked, "See the Boomer Sooner running around the field, woops stopped to poop on Derek Jetah's shoes. " Man he was laughing his ass off the rest of the night. We were heckling the Y----- fans the rest of the night leaving in disgust. One week later, with a Boston fan in town on business, the Red Sox finished their sweep of the Cardinals and won the 1st World Series since my Grandmother was born. Man, I don't think that bar has ever seen a sports celebration like that one.

So in tonight's game, the Red Sox fall behind 5-0 and Schilling struggling and then Papi hits his grannie and the Red Sox hung up a 6 spot and now the Red Sox lead 6-5 and try to hold on keep Five Games in front of the Y-----s. Just bench Gag-ME and we will be fine. Gag-ME has three BS and as a result there is a race in the AL east. We need another bat instead of Gag-ME.

Now I am a fan of the Patriots and they had there ups and downs until Brady went to work for Belichick and now, they are the most successful HC -star playah combo Boston has seen since Auerbach and Bill Russell. There are lots of stories to tell there.

Finally, can the Celtics restore their winning tradition? My guess is they can despite their coach. This is a players league and there is strong anecdotal evidence from the blogs and messageboards that Ticket, Truth, and Jesus Shuttlesworth are seen everywhere together getting ready and recruiting their buddies to come to Boston. I have never seen any NBA team in my 40 years go from worst to first like the Celtics have an opportunity to do. There are those nagging doubts that Jeff correctly mentions - Injuries (take Duncan, Parker, and Gnobli off the Spurs and they go to the lottery), Coaching (Doc Rivers has never won a playoff series), Chemistry (Completely new team can bring new problems), and Intangibles (The Celtics have had only three winning seasons since Bird retired). The Celtics are due for a completely healthy year for a change. This has not happened since 2002. Good health = 50 to 60 wins and at least an ECF appearance in 2008. Doc Rivers has paid his dues with horribly inexperienced teams and the injuries the last two years. Good players make a coach look good. He has ideas and good assistants. He could surprise us all this year. For chemistry, I am not concerned because frankly, the team has had no signs of dissension since Blonut was traded (Minnesota would do well to trade this turd or buy him out).

Manny comes back from a 4 K night and hits a key 2 run gapper to give Boston an 8-5 lead over the LAAs. That Sweet Caroline music inspires, I swear.

Getting back to Celtics intangibles - The fan base is good and will be rewarded. The owners are committed to winning as opposed to taking profits. Red Auerbach looks down on all of us from the rafters of Boston Garden (naturally the old one). Auerbach must have disciplined Len Bias and now will start him.

Red Sox scored again and lead 9-5 over the Angels.

Parish and Clifford Ray work on Perkins to make him a good NBA center.

WP gives Boston a 10-5 lead. No save situation for Papelbon - :( for my fantasy team.

The Celtics have Mike and Tommy to entertain me. The blogs keep me informed. Thank you Elrod, CSL, Jessica, Shirley, and Jeff. I'll try to call in tomorrow to CSL just to keep in touch.

The Red Sox win. THA Y-----s remain 5GB. And that's the way it is, Saturday, August 18, 2007.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

How to make Chicken Salad out of Chicken Poop - NBA Style

Antione Walker was traded for Raef LaFrentz, Chris Mills, Jiri Welsch, and a draft pick (Delonte West).
Chris Mills was traded for another draft pick (Tony Allen).
Battie, Kedrick Brown and Eric Williams were traded for RD and Chris Mihm.
RD, Blount and Banks were traded for Szcerbiak.
Raef LaFrentz, Dickau, and the #7 pick was traded for Ratliffe and Telfair.
We tanked and lost out on Oden and Durant.
We traded the #5 pick, Szerbiak, and Delonte West for Ray Allen.
We traded Telfair, Ratliffe, Jefferson, Gomes, Green, and two 1st round picks for Kevin Garnett.
So in conclusion, we traded our entire 2003 2nd round playoff team except Pierce plus all our 1st round draft picks except Perkins, Tony Allen, and Rajon Rondo for Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. That is astounding!
I guess the moral of the story is that if you compost weeds (junky players like Blount, RD, and Walker) and seeds (Gomes, West, Jefferson, Green, and draft picks) long enough, you get rich, productive soil with a high yield of food. Let's feast off of Ainge's 4 and a half years of hard work. Red Auerbach is looking down proudly puffing on that 'gar!

Monday, August 6, 2007

A Laker fans viewpoint

and all the more reason to smirk.

5 Responses to “Celtics were only major player for KG”
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1 keep24
Aug 5th, 2007 at 3:09 pm
KG to Boston is a perfect fit. A soft player for a soft city.BTW: No team in the East will win a title for the next six or seven years.
It was never about a ring – just the almighty DOLLAR.
If ( and that’s a big IF) he ever got a ring, he’ll probably put it on Ebay and cash it in.

My rebuttal:
I did not realize that Boston is a soft city. The fans are absolutely championship driven and take no shame in burning corporate bridges in other cities to get there. Only one WCF team has won since your new pathetic Faker team and that is San Antonio Spurs (3 out of the last five I believe). For the record, KG extended at a reasonable rate of 18 million per allowing Boston to go after role playing wets looking for glory. And finally, he can be remembered for helping to restore the most beautiful tradition in sports: BOSTON CELTICS PRIDE!!!!

2 Sopi
Aug 5th, 2007 at 7:55 pm
….er….whats the point of posting this article?
kg is gone
move on guys
stop posting anything about kg
no one cares about kg now

My Rebuttal:

To rub it in your face!!!!!

3 Fred A.
Aug 6th, 2007 at 12:02 am
I am a LAKERS FAN!!!!! I do not want to hear about retarded KG and the wack a** Celtics. I hate KG and I hate Boston.I love this web site and all but you can’t put up KG stuff cause he is gone. I am sorry to offend anybody.But we need to start a “Get JO Movement”.A ‘Kobe-JO Duo’ would be great and it would be great to build around in present and in the future (reiterated).

My rebuttal:
It must really suck to be a Laker fan these days. And worse, Larry Bird isn't going to hand Jermaine O'Neal.

4 billyboy
Aug 6th, 2007 at 12:07 am
yeah, we don’t give a f*ck about KG

My rebuttal:
I wonder why?

Aug 6th, 2007 at 1:23 am
Seriously, what made you guys (gg staff) post this? I think I speak for every Lakers fan here by saying we WANT LAKERS NEWS.

My rebuttal:
The Lakers stink and there is nothing you can do about it. Your turn to play the lottery game. My turn to go to the NBA finals. See you, wouldn't want to be you.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

One member of the media likes this trade!

In Boston, the Red Sox are in first place, the Patriots are one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl, and now Beantown is celebrating the addition of Kevin Garnett.
Talk about stars of stars, Garnett is going to look good in that Celtic green. Now Boston has three superstars in the lineup with Garnett joining Paul Pierce and recent addition Ray Allen. The message is loud and clear to the Celtics fans -- we are all about today!
It is all about winning now, not about building for the long-term future. The Celtics need to win immediately after posting three winning seasons over the last 14 years. Who would have thought that Garnett would end up in Boston, especially after he previously said he did not want to go there?
He changed his mind, and there is an option year remaining. Garnett will cost major, major dollars, but he is a multi-talented star. There are very few players who can consistently average 20 points and 10 rebounds a game in the NBA. He is at the peak of his game at age 31.
Minnesota fared well in this deal, starting with big forward Al Jefferson. In the backcourt, the addition of Sebastian Telfair could be a positive; while he has been a disappointment so far, he still has potential. High riser Gerald Green, veteran big man Theo Ratliff and solid forward Ryan Gomes are part of the package, as well as draft choices.
Two teams are going in different directions. Minnesota was struggling in recent years with Garnett, so it made sense to make a change, adding young talent. Then remember Randy Foye, Corey Brewer, Ricky Davis and Rashad McCants are already on the Timberwolves so the future is brighter.
Boston suddenly has gone from the have-nots to the haves in a hurry. Remember that Cleveland made the NBA finals out of the Eastern Conference with one true superstar in LeBron James, and a bunch of solid complementary players. The Celtics have a trio of supers, a trifecta that should challenge. They will play with one basketball, so will they share it? They have one goal in mind -- winning.
Red Auerbach made this franchise one of the best in all of pro sports. I wonder what he would think of this deal? My guess is he would light up a cigar and smile!

One two three:






The Refutation of SI debunking the trade for Garnett

No worries SI is never correct.

Allright, I congratulate Kevin Garnett for leaving the garbage dump that is the Minnesota Timberwolves. He has the chance, and I state the CHANCE, to win an NBA title along with Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. On paper, it seems like the Celtics won this trade. But truth be told, the Timberwolves easily won this trade. The Celtics lost out. 8 reasons why:

Point by point, I refute every argument presented here:

1. Boston loses all of its depth: Who's gonna make up the Boston bench next season? They cut Allen Ray(but got Ray Allen) and lost 5 other players. The first guys that will likely come off the bench are 2nd round rookies Gabe Pruitt and Glen Davis. Ouch.

Newsflash: Eddie House was signed to backfill for Allan Ray. The scoring production does not let up when one of the big three hit the bench. Leon Powe is a productive role player who will find minutes next year ala Maxile of Detriot - just you watch! Tony Allen (unrelated to Ray Allen) is an impact player and his recovery is thought to be going well. Also, FA are looking to go to Boston with a chance to play with KG, PP, and RA. Last time I checked, none of the rest of the East picked up two proven All-stars.

2. Boston is old, very very old: Pierce is knocking on 30. Garnett is 31, Allen 32. All 3 have played heavy minutes in their careers. Injuries are bound to mount, and Boston has very few reserves to fill voids. Also, 5 years from now who's gonna be scoring points for the Celts?

Last year the Celtics were young. Very Young. The NBA consistently eats its young. That has happened to Boston time and again. Boston crossed the line to experience warriors hungry for glory like Detriot did in 2004. That worked very well for Detriot. It should work for Boston this time. We'll see what you will be writing in June 2008. Remember, experience and hunger win in the NBA. That has been true ever since I started following the NBA in 1969. About injuries, they do not have age discrimination. Boston has suddenly found shopping for FA easier after the KG deal. Funny how that works. And for all I know, I could be dead in five years. Live for today. Life is too short.

3. That team from the Motor City is still the class of the East: Forget what has happened the past two playoffs for the Pistons. They got a lot better through the draft by adding Rodney Stuckey and Aaron Afflalo. They have hungry young players like Amir Johnson and Jason Maxiell. Detroit still has their starting five back. Detroit is still the team to beat out east.

My Gawd!!! Take your head out of Bill Laimbeer's Ass.

4. The "C" word: Chemistry. These are 3 unselfish players, but they have never played together before. We know how AI and Chris Webber worked. Or AI and Carmelo.

KG makes his teammates better. Too bad that he had to play with idiots like Mark Blount and Ricky Davis in his last 9 months of his Minnesota career.

5. The T-Wolves are dreaming big: Randy Foye is gonna be a star. So is Corey Brewer. They will be joined by Al Jefferson and 2 future 1st round picks. I can see a future starting lineup of Foye at SG, Brewer at SF, Jefferson at PF, and an excellent PG and C to come along in the draft. 6. The T-Wolves dispose of KG's huge contract: Nuff said here.

Can they dump off Blount and RD for Kobe Bryant? Is Jefferson for real? What about Gerald Green? McHale has Ainges trading chips.

7. Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins: 5 players are on the court at once. Boston has 3. Perkins is helpless. Rondo is too erratic.

For crying out loud - this deserves the same comment as the Detriot is class of the East. I agree we need backup help at Center and PG. Perkins and Rondo will fill their roles.

8. Boston is gonna have to beat a western team in the finals anyways: Good luck KG.

Boston only has to beat one WCF team. Their potential finals opponent has to beat three WCF teams. The ECF team has walked away with two of the last four champoinships. San Antonio has won the other two teams with their three superstars - Ginobli, Parker, and Duncan. You either have to draft superstars or trade for them. Boston was forced to trade for them. Lay off their case SI!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Let the good times roll!!!!!!


Now we have the 1st legitimate contending team since the Boston Garden closed. The jungle will be rocking and rolling with excitement. I just hope Tommy does not run out of Tommy Points. Screw this building a team with young kids and watching them grow up. Look, there are only two ways to build a championship caliber team.

1) Draft superstars.
2) Trade for superstars.

We correctly chose method two rather than gamble on Gerald Green and AL Jefferson becoming superstars. I don't have time to read through all the messageboard literature advocating method one. Danny, Doc, Pierce, and the Q don't have time for that. I call this glories last shot. The Celtics fans have had to suffer through decades of the post Big Three Depression. Now you got three stars united and desperate for a Championship. And what better place to do it than in Boston - A CITY of CHAMPIONS.

With the Red Sox and Patriots gearing up for title runs, Boston can bring home the 1st team triple crown in American Sports History. That is thought to be impossible but then again, I thought it was impossible for me to make my home in Kansas at one time.

So in looking over the roster and payroll (http://www.hoopshype.com/salaries/boston.htm), our needs are a veteran big man and a veteran PG. We have both exception slots and we must fill a twelth spot (assuming both Glen Davis and Gabe Pruitt sign). My vet big man candidate is Dukimbe Mutombo and my vet PG is Pargo (played backup PG to Chris Paul of the Hornets).
As a bonus, KG is the longest contracted player on the Celtics with his 3 year extension. Thank you, Kevin for giving KG to Boston and denying the Lakers Kobe Bryant (HEHEHEHEE!!!!).