Friday, September 14, 2007

Red Sox vs the Y-----s

Once again, it is 4 hours and 18 minutes to 1st pitch.

The Y-----s have been the best team in all of baseball since July 4, 2007. They are even doing it the right way by hanging on to their young talent. The Red Sox went out and spent 100 million on Dice K and the last three outings has been more like Dice-Sucky. Makes me want to trade Dice-Sucky to Minnehaha for Johan Santana this off-season. Meanwhile, lets ship out Manny Ballgame and sign A-rod this off-season.

Oh BTW, I think Clay Bucholtz and Joba Chamberlain meeting up in a future start of a Red Sox - Y-----s game would make for an all-time classic. I hope we get to see it happen soon.

BTW, The Red Sox need win this series and lock down 1st place in their division. Let us hope Dice K shows up and not Dice Sucky.


Another thought on my vacationing mind is the illegal videotaping affair from Bill Belichick and his 1/2 million dollar fine plus the loss of a draft pick. OK, all the great leaders and minds of the game push the limit on the rules. Look at Red Auerbach angling for every advantage. He would have the heat and hot water turned off to the visitors locker room to create distractions. Of course he was great at wirebrushing the referees.

In my mind, all NFL teams do what they can to give their team an advantage and considering Mangini called out the illegal Patriot cameraman, this is something he knew for a long time the Patriots were doing. Of course, now the Patriots are even more pissed and are ready to take it out on the NFL. And Belichick's news conference this morning showed that Bill was done, made his statement, and he has moved on to preparing for the Chargers. He is a jerk to the media, but you know what, he is focused on making the Patriots win every game they play. And their opponents have taken the approach that playing the Patriots is like playing in the Super Bowl. Yes it will be that intense this fall.

Bill Belichick is the 21st century version of Red Auerbach. Deal with it.

The blessings of good luck for the Celtics

Beaverton, OR written on 9/14/07 -

I am out here on the left coast visiting my very busy daughters. I got off the airplane and checked into the hotel yesterday only to learn that Greg Oden will miss the entire season due to microfracture surgury to strengthen his left knee.

You know, sometimes you get down on the Celtics luck as we all did on May 22, 2007 and then this happens to the Trailblazers. Instead of taking a nap, I listened to two hours of coverage on all the Portland stations digesting the details of microfracture surgery to strengthen cartilidge in his knee. Amare Stoudemire of Phoenix was shut down a year and he came back strong as an example. Other athletes have not been as lucky.

Then all the history of big man problems Portland has had (including Bill Walton) was brought out.

So how does this affect the Celtics. We could have been easily set on this path where we go, Oh No!! We lost our big man. Though I think Ainge would have taken Durant and traded Pierce for possibly Chauncey Billups. So the Celtics chose to trade for KG and RA and this looking infinitely smarter. In fairness to Portland, I think they will still field a decent young team that finishes tenth in the WC and they will get to add more young talent and have Raef LaFrentz' expiring contract as a chip next summer. Should they choose, they could go after Kobe Bryant to add to LeMarcus Aldridge, Greg Oden and whatnot.

Everybody out here is talking about the Greg Oden injury but in Boston I guess I would take my chances with a veteran team and look to cash in within a few years.

Friday, September 7, 2007

The importance of picking up James Posey

Danny Ainge spent the rest of his midlevel exception on getting James Posey, a hardnosed defender of the three and four positions. He platooned with Antione Walker in Miami as they had their memorable comeback against the Mavericks in the 2006 NBA Finals. Instrumental in that comeback was James Posey's defensive work on Dirk Nowitzki which allowed Miami to comeback in Game 3 and subsequently take the next three games and Miami's 1st championship since Josh Beckett shut down the Y-----s.

The Celtics will use Posey as a backup to all three stars and probably with them in 4th quarters to win games. Posey is capable of defending three positions not unlike Scottie Pippen back in the 90's. He also will step up and knock in big shots and grab big rebounds. In summary, Posey made the Celtics from certain division winners to a favorite to win the East next year. Given the right matchup in the 2008 finals, the Celtics are capable of completing the most remarkable turnaround in NBA history going from the 2nd worst record to NBA champions.

All teams need strong role players like James Posey to win.

If I had to pick another team to win the East, it would probably be Chicago as Joakim Noah is Chicago's hardnosed role player and he is a BIG!!!!!!!