Friday, September 14, 2007


Another thought on my vacationing mind is the illegal videotaping affair from Bill Belichick and his 1/2 million dollar fine plus the loss of a draft pick. OK, all the great leaders and minds of the game push the limit on the rules. Look at Red Auerbach angling for every advantage. He would have the heat and hot water turned off to the visitors locker room to create distractions. Of course he was great at wirebrushing the referees.

In my mind, all NFL teams do what they can to give their team an advantage and considering Mangini called out the illegal Patriot cameraman, this is something he knew for a long time the Patriots were doing. Of course, now the Patriots are even more pissed and are ready to take it out on the NFL. And Belichick's news conference this morning showed that Bill was done, made his statement, and he has moved on to preparing for the Chargers. He is a jerk to the media, but you know what, he is focused on making the Patriots win every game they play. And their opponents have taken the approach that playing the Patriots is like playing in the Super Bowl. Yes it will be that intense this fall.

Bill Belichick is the 21st century version of Red Auerbach. Deal with it.

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