Friday, September 7, 2007

The importance of picking up James Posey

Danny Ainge spent the rest of his midlevel exception on getting James Posey, a hardnosed defender of the three and four positions. He platooned with Antione Walker in Miami as they had their memorable comeback against the Mavericks in the 2006 NBA Finals. Instrumental in that comeback was James Posey's defensive work on Dirk Nowitzki which allowed Miami to comeback in Game 3 and subsequently take the next three games and Miami's 1st championship since Josh Beckett shut down the Y-----s.

The Celtics will use Posey as a backup to all three stars and probably with them in 4th quarters to win games. Posey is capable of defending three positions not unlike Scottie Pippen back in the 90's. He also will step up and knock in big shots and grab big rebounds. In summary, Posey made the Celtics from certain division winners to a favorite to win the East next year. Given the right matchup in the 2008 finals, the Celtics are capable of completing the most remarkable turnaround in NBA history going from the 2nd worst record to NBA champions.

All teams need strong role players like James Posey to win.

If I had to pick another team to win the East, it would probably be Chicago as Joakim Noah is Chicago's hardnosed role player and he is a BIG!!!!!!!

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