Friday, September 14, 2007

Red Sox vs the Y-----s

Once again, it is 4 hours and 18 minutes to 1st pitch.

The Y-----s have been the best team in all of baseball since July 4, 2007. They are even doing it the right way by hanging on to their young talent. The Red Sox went out and spent 100 million on Dice K and the last three outings has been more like Dice-Sucky. Makes me want to trade Dice-Sucky to Minnehaha for Johan Santana this off-season. Meanwhile, lets ship out Manny Ballgame and sign A-rod this off-season.

Oh BTW, I think Clay Bucholtz and Joba Chamberlain meeting up in a future start of a Red Sox - Y-----s game would make for an all-time classic. I hope we get to see it happen soon.

BTW, The Red Sox need win this series and lock down 1st place in their division. Let us hope Dice K shows up and not Dice Sucky.

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chessart said...

I'm wondering, Ron, how you liked the World Series. From a more neutral perspective, it was a very dull Series with the Rockies never really being in it. But as a Sox fan, was it satisfying?