Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Refutation of SI debunking the trade for Garnett

No worries SI is never correct.

Allright, I congratulate Kevin Garnett for leaving the garbage dump that is the Minnesota Timberwolves. He has the chance, and I state the CHANCE, to win an NBA title along with Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. On paper, it seems like the Celtics won this trade. But truth be told, the Timberwolves easily won this trade. The Celtics lost out. 8 reasons why:

Point by point, I refute every argument presented here:

1. Boston loses all of its depth: Who's gonna make up the Boston bench next season? They cut Allen Ray(but got Ray Allen) and lost 5 other players. The first guys that will likely come off the bench are 2nd round rookies Gabe Pruitt and Glen Davis. Ouch.

Newsflash: Eddie House was signed to backfill for Allan Ray. The scoring production does not let up when one of the big three hit the bench. Leon Powe is a productive role player who will find minutes next year ala Maxile of Detriot - just you watch! Tony Allen (unrelated to Ray Allen) is an impact player and his recovery is thought to be going well. Also, FA are looking to go to Boston with a chance to play with KG, PP, and RA. Last time I checked, none of the rest of the East picked up two proven All-stars.

2. Boston is old, very very old: Pierce is knocking on 30. Garnett is 31, Allen 32. All 3 have played heavy minutes in their careers. Injuries are bound to mount, and Boston has very few reserves to fill voids. Also, 5 years from now who's gonna be scoring points for the Celts?

Last year the Celtics were young. Very Young. The NBA consistently eats its young. That has happened to Boston time and again. Boston crossed the line to experience warriors hungry for glory like Detriot did in 2004. That worked very well for Detriot. It should work for Boston this time. We'll see what you will be writing in June 2008. Remember, experience and hunger win in the NBA. That has been true ever since I started following the NBA in 1969. About injuries, they do not have age discrimination. Boston has suddenly found shopping for FA easier after the KG deal. Funny how that works. And for all I know, I could be dead in five years. Live for today. Life is too short.

3. That team from the Motor City is still the class of the East: Forget what has happened the past two playoffs for the Pistons. They got a lot better through the draft by adding Rodney Stuckey and Aaron Afflalo. They have hungry young players like Amir Johnson and Jason Maxiell. Detroit still has their starting five back. Detroit is still the team to beat out east.

My Gawd!!! Take your head out of Bill Laimbeer's Ass.

4. The "C" word: Chemistry. These are 3 unselfish players, but they have never played together before. We know how AI and Chris Webber worked. Or AI and Carmelo.

KG makes his teammates better. Too bad that he had to play with idiots like Mark Blount and Ricky Davis in his last 9 months of his Minnesota career.

5. The T-Wolves are dreaming big: Randy Foye is gonna be a star. So is Corey Brewer. They will be joined by Al Jefferson and 2 future 1st round picks. I can see a future starting lineup of Foye at SG, Brewer at SF, Jefferson at PF, and an excellent PG and C to come along in the draft. 6. The T-Wolves dispose of KG's huge contract: Nuff said here.

Can they dump off Blount and RD for Kobe Bryant? Is Jefferson for real? What about Gerald Green? McHale has Ainges trading chips.

7. Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins: 5 players are on the court at once. Boston has 3. Perkins is helpless. Rondo is too erratic.

For crying out loud - this deserves the same comment as the Detriot is class of the East. I agree we need backup help at Center and PG. Perkins and Rondo will fill their roles.

8. Boston is gonna have to beat a western team in the finals anyways: Good luck KG.

Boston only has to beat one WCF team. Their potential finals opponent has to beat three WCF teams. The ECF team has walked away with two of the last four champoinships. San Antonio has won the other two teams with their three superstars - Ginobli, Parker, and Duncan. You either have to draft superstars or trade for them. Boston was forced to trade for them. Lay off their case SI!

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kwalk said...

Look the whole trade with Garnett is a complete conflict of interest.
You mean to tell me that they were able to keep their superstar when all Minnesota wanted in return was for the Lakers to given up their top guys and the sun to give up Amare Stoudemire. Those trades didn’t happen…but what Minnesota got in return was some chump players with no value to anyone. But Boston sent the Minnesota Timber wolves forwards Al Jefferson, Ryan Gomes and Gerald Green, guard Sebastian Telfair and center Theo Ratliff, two first-round draft picks and cash considerations. Besides Ratliffis 34 years old.

Lakers…no Suns trade.

No that didn’t happen, but Boston was able to keep their stars and swing this deal...
Look Kevin McHale will be back with Boston real soon just you watch.