Thursday, August 16, 2007

How to make Chicken Salad out of Chicken Poop - NBA Style

Antione Walker was traded for Raef LaFrentz, Chris Mills, Jiri Welsch, and a draft pick (Delonte West).
Chris Mills was traded for another draft pick (Tony Allen).
Battie, Kedrick Brown and Eric Williams were traded for RD and Chris Mihm.
RD, Blount and Banks were traded for Szcerbiak.
Raef LaFrentz, Dickau, and the #7 pick was traded for Ratliffe and Telfair.
We tanked and lost out on Oden and Durant.
We traded the #5 pick, Szerbiak, and Delonte West for Ray Allen.
We traded Telfair, Ratliffe, Jefferson, Gomes, Green, and two 1st round picks for Kevin Garnett.
So in conclusion, we traded our entire 2003 2nd round playoff team except Pierce plus all our 1st round draft picks except Perkins, Tony Allen, and Rajon Rondo for Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. That is astounding!
I guess the moral of the story is that if you compost weeds (junky players like Blount, RD, and Walker) and seeds (Gomes, West, Jefferson, Green, and draft picks) long enough, you get rich, productive soil with a high yield of food. Let's feast off of Ainge's 4 and a half years of hard work. Red Auerbach is looking down proudly puffing on that 'gar!

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