Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ups and Downs

Being a fan of the Red Sox, CELTICS, and Patriots has its ups and downs. For example: The Celtics won 15 championships in my 1st 27 years of existance and could do no wrong in trades, draft picks, and FA signings (thank you Red Auerbach). Then after the 1986 championship until this summer, the Celtics could do nothing right and when they did, bad luck would repeated kick the leprecahn's behind. And then, Danny Ainge has engineered two outstanding trades to find veteran running mates Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett and suddenly the Celtics became relevant for the 1st time since Larry Bird retired. Now there is talk of Reggie Miller making a comeback and he would help the cause.

With the Red Sox, I had to wait all my life for the eleven days of October 2004 to happen. Seemed like on October 16, 2004, I was almost thrown in jail for getting into it with Y-----s Fans (19-8 loss to go down 0-3). And then one game at time, one inning, one pitch at a time, the Red Sox sustained a once in a ten lifetime comeback against their arch rivals. That game five 6 hour classic was the best baseball game ever played anywhere. And then Curt Schilling's legend of the bloody suck for game six. Funny thing was some media news hack in Wichita was trying to interview about the rumored sale of the airplane plant. My response: What rumor! Let's talk Red Sox trying to pull off one the great feats in team sports. Saw my Red Sox cap and said, "Hey good luck with that, I hope they can do it". Anyway, we (Me and Mrs Q) went to a bar and started cheering for the Red Sox. The bar owner claimed to have wagered 800 bucks on the Yankees and his attitude showed it. I ticked him off with git me anothah Sammy's Beeah. Then A-fraud knocked out the ball from Bronson Arroyo's glove with his purse as Derek Cheatah gaily rose his right hand scoring the apparent 2nd Y----- run. It was correctly called back due to A-fraud interference. As the game ended, the bar owner told me to move back to Boston. I payed the bill and definitely stiffed him. So it was game seven on my 2nd anniversary with the 2nd wife (The 1st one witnessed me throwing the game 6 VHS tape in the apartment pool promptly after the ball went though Buckner's legs). The Red Sox rarely get 2nd chances against the Y-----s. So for my 2nd anniversary, I bought two pairs of Red Socks and met up with my wife at the Fox and Hound sports bar. I said, "Happy Anniversary and put these on and whatever happens, happens." Johnny Damon hit his grannie and I swear the bar erupted in front. This guy next to me was wearing an OU hat high fiving me and I joked, "See the Boomer Sooner running around the field, woops stopped to poop on Derek Jetah's shoes. " Man he was laughing his ass off the rest of the night. We were heckling the Y----- fans the rest of the night leaving in disgust. One week later, with a Boston fan in town on business, the Red Sox finished their sweep of the Cardinals and won the 1st World Series since my Grandmother was born. Man, I don't think that bar has ever seen a sports celebration like that one.

So in tonight's game, the Red Sox fall behind 5-0 and Schilling struggling and then Papi hits his grannie and the Red Sox hung up a 6 spot and now the Red Sox lead 6-5 and try to hold on keep Five Games in front of the Y-----s. Just bench Gag-ME and we will be fine. Gag-ME has three BS and as a result there is a race in the AL east. We need another bat instead of Gag-ME.

Now I am a fan of the Patriots and they had there ups and downs until Brady went to work for Belichick and now, they are the most successful HC -star playah combo Boston has seen since Auerbach and Bill Russell. There are lots of stories to tell there.

Finally, can the Celtics restore their winning tradition? My guess is they can despite their coach. This is a players league and there is strong anecdotal evidence from the blogs and messageboards that Ticket, Truth, and Jesus Shuttlesworth are seen everywhere together getting ready and recruiting their buddies to come to Boston. I have never seen any NBA team in my 40 years go from worst to first like the Celtics have an opportunity to do. There are those nagging doubts that Jeff correctly mentions - Injuries (take Duncan, Parker, and Gnobli off the Spurs and they go to the lottery), Coaching (Doc Rivers has never won a playoff series), Chemistry (Completely new team can bring new problems), and Intangibles (The Celtics have had only three winning seasons since Bird retired). The Celtics are due for a completely healthy year for a change. This has not happened since 2002. Good health = 50 to 60 wins and at least an ECF appearance in 2008. Doc Rivers has paid his dues with horribly inexperienced teams and the injuries the last two years. Good players make a coach look good. He has ideas and good assistants. He could surprise us all this year. For chemistry, I am not concerned because frankly, the team has had no signs of dissension since Blonut was traded (Minnesota would do well to trade this turd or buy him out).

Manny comes back from a 4 K night and hits a key 2 run gapper to give Boston an 8-5 lead over the LAAs. That Sweet Caroline music inspires, I swear.

Getting back to Celtics intangibles - The fan base is good and will be rewarded. The owners are committed to winning as opposed to taking profits. Red Auerbach looks down on all of us from the rafters of Boston Garden (naturally the old one). Auerbach must have disciplined Len Bias and now will start him.

Red Sox scored again and lead 9-5 over the Angels.

Parish and Clifford Ray work on Perkins to make him a good NBA center.

WP gives Boston a 10-5 lead. No save situation for Papelbon - :( for my fantasy team.

The Celtics have Mike and Tommy to entertain me. The blogs keep me informed. Thank you Elrod, CSL, Jessica, Shirley, and Jeff. I'll try to call in tomorrow to CSL just to keep in touch.

The Red Sox win. THA Y-----s remain 5GB. And that's the way it is, Saturday, August 18, 2007.

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