Thursday, July 19, 2007

July 19, 2007

Thank you to the blogging commisioner for restoring my blog.

OK I missed the summer leagues in which Leon Powe was allegedly our MVP. I have been around long enough to understand that the summer league is all about showcasing talent and getting rookies acclimated to the NBA game. I also can't stand the very poor quality of play.

This is basically my slow season where I check out Jeff of Celticsblog, Shirley's news links, and the hoopshype rumor page.

I have been avoiding the messageboards lately because frankly, they rob me of energy and creative ideas on how to fix the Celtics woes.

The Celtics need three things to go right for them this year:

1. Stay healthy - I cannot stress enough how losing over 300 man games to injury depressed the 06-07 abortion of a campaign. I think we were actually a .500 club and good enough to be competitive in the 1st round of the EC playoffs. Now we have two proven All-stars (Jesus Shuttlesworth and Paul Pierce) and a future all-star (Al Jefferson). Plus we have possible future stars in Rondo and Gerald Green. Plus all we have lost in the youth movement so far is Justin Reed and Delonte West (good player but probably not an Allstar). My main concern is the Center position. Can Ratliffe give us something this year?

2. Coaching - Doc has to start Rondo (or Vet PG pickup) RA, PP, Big Al and Perk and stick to a solid rotation with Gomes, Ratliffe, Powe, Tony Allen, Telfair, and Gerald Green. Doc must emphasize defense and rebounding or he is not an NBA caliber coach.

3. Front Office - Danny has to find the right trade to get a veteran PG and big man. His coupons are Ratliffe, Gomes, Telfair and (Gerald Green or Tony Allen). This should probably wait until February of 2008 trading deadline where the right deal could make a 2002 style run to the EC finals and hopefully beyond. Winning a championship in 2008 is way too optimistic. Danny will have to extend Al Jefferson - I think that is a no brainer. Of course Danny has a very nasty habit of blind siding us with surprises.

I feel optimistic the Celtics will improve this upcoming season and there is some support from the media for Danny's blockbuster draft day trade. Wally Szerbiak is not walking through that door, Raef LaFrentz is not walking through that door, Vin Baker is walking through another door and it slams shut behind him.

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