Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sitting on the fence over the trade rumors

A lot of NBA trades are happening already. A lot more are rumored.

The Celtics have been mentioned in trade rumors for Marion (Ratliffe, #5, and Delonte West). From my perspective, it is one of those dead-ended deals in that we make a 2002 style run to the EC finals and perhaps make an appearence in the 2008 finals only to lose to the Spurs. Nice job, Danny and Doc but do who do keep for the future. I think you are setting up for long term failure if you do not retain Marion or Wyc pays the luxery tax. I still say, the Celtics haven't really solved their PG, C, and coaching problems.

Another rumor is Pierce and #5 to Seattle for Ray Allen and #2 (Kevin Durant). Not bad, in fact, I can only hope this comes to fruition. The CBA trade laws drive this. I also believe that Paul Pierce will not be around for the next Celtics championship. He has been a good green soldier but he is the lone connection to the Pitino era and I think he has picked up bad habits from Walker, O'Brien, and Pitino. Seattle should not go for this trade idea.

Read on a site, that the Celtics are projected to be the worst team in the league next year. "The hard luck Celtics missed out on Durant and Oden and Danny Ainge has his work cutout for him." To me, that statement is pure nonsense. All that is needed is good health and Danny to do his job June 28, 2007. The Celtics may not make the playoffs in 2008, but they will certainly improve on their 24 win total. If they don't, somebody may be writing my obituary because I cannot stand much more of this bleeping losing.

The Celticsblog, Celticsgreen, and Celticsstufflive are my three messageboard/blog sites of choice. Many kudos to JB, Jughead, and the Duke for their wonderful Sunday night show. Maybe when I get back to Boston for a visit, they can invite me on the show. The pizza and beer is on me. I'd call in more often, but I really don't have that much to suggest.

Speaking of the trade rumors, we have a lot of big names on the market. KG, Kobe, Marion, Jermaine O'Neal. Seems to me a lot of big names come on the market in strong draft years. A lot of disgruntled veterans are out there. Is our own Paul Pierce one of them? We haven't heard boo from Mr Pierce. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Steve Bullpett is Boston's leading scribe when it comes to the Celtics. Sorry Globe, your quartet of Springer, May, Ryan, and MacMullin live well in the past. Shaugnessy is now writing about the Curse of Len Bias. That was an outstanding interview last Sunday night on the Celticsstufflive show.

The NBA finals were not as horrible as everyone is making them out to be. San Antonio is really good. Cleveland does have work to do. I like Gibson, Varejavo, Gooden, Ilasgaskus. I think they need to get rid of Larry Hughes and Donyell Marshall.

Keep your chin up. Things will finally turn around for the Celtics in 2008.


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