Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Did you hear Rick Pitino talking?


Billy Donovan was coach for the Magic for what, maybe 36 hours. I think his mentor Rick Pitino stepped in and said:


"Billy, I have seen the NBA and how cruel and unforgiving the NBA is."

"Billy, the NBA spits out their young. You cannot implement your college system at the pro level. It works for two weeks and then the scouts figure you out. "

"Billy, you have to learn to adjust to new things to keep your strategy effective"

"Billy, you cannot micromanage people like you did Florida."

"Billy, you have to deal with ten game losing streaks once in a while."

"Billy, please take my advice and Dickie V's and stay in school. Do not ever venture into the forbidding world of the NBA where you have no control or job security."

"Please, Billy, son, don't jump to the NBA, trust me Billy!".

Love, Rick Pitino......


That Damned Rick Pitino, he set up another roadblock for the Celtics by talking Billy Donovan out of coaching the Magic and ruining the career of Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson.

Important side note: I hear the Bulls and Warriors are interested in Yi Jinlain. It becomes imperative for Danny to listen to the Bulls and Warriors offers. Also Danny is shopping Paul Pierce, probably because he realizes he is the last link to Pitino and all links must be broken. This will be one interesting summer in the NBA.

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