Sunday, June 3, 2007

Red Sox -Yankees Just another day at the office

It kills a whole afternoon watching these teams do baseball battle. There are your run of the mill baseball games and then there is the Red Sox - Yankees. These two teams really try to squash each other like bugs.

Every weakness gets exposed. For the Yankees, it is their bullpen, starting pitching, and defense that is their achilles heel. For the Red Sox - it probably is a case of matchups. Wakefield and Schilling have had trouble with the powerful Yankees lineup. I think Wakefield has lost two games to the Yankees Scott Wang. Schilling got lit up a bit with the gopher ball.

That defense in the bottom of the seventh inning was truly tragicomical. Arod's mental defensive lapses are funnier to watch than his physical errors. How can you not cover 3rd base on a hit to the OF with a runner at 1st? Inexcusable.

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