Saturday, November 3, 2007

Good opening win

The Celtics were tight in the opening quarter but laid the foundation for a blowout W by playing tough defense and working on Goose Egg Arenas. Then with Pierce leading the way in the 2nd quarter, the Celtics established a double digit lead and steadily extended it. The ball moved on offense while Washington was consistently stifled. About the only matchup the Celtics lost was Brendon Haywood on Kendrick Perkins.

Rondo continues to impress me more and more as the traditional PG. He made a nice open look J in the 3rd qtr.

Things got sloppy in the 2nd half once the Celtics got a 25 point lead. Pierce dribbling into double teams. Tony Allen driving and getting stripped. KG came in and stabilized things a lot and prevented a potential Washington comeback.

Just listening to JB, Duke, and Jughead post game review. I thank all of them and they will get significant recognition sometime this year.

Also, Bill Walton pontificated on ESPN about how this night was magical in Boston and how the 22 year drought was finally over.

The 2008 journey has just begun.

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