Sunday, November 4, 2007

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He who talk bad about my Celtics shall pay. He says it is nothing personal. But my favorite team has not won the championship in 22 years. Well, deseretnews troll, I am taking this personal and have targeted Saturday, December 29, 2007 to take my frustrations out on the Utah Jazz. Nothing personal. I am going for that crown that Bill Walton has predicted we would get.

Now onto todays game:

I feel the Celtics have a tough matchup with the Toronto Raptors this afternoon. The sad thing is that Bostonians will not pay much attention to this game due to Super Bowl 41 and a half.

The preseason contest at Rome, Italy was an indicator that both teams will be playoff teams this year as the intensity level was already at mid-season. As FLCeltfan has already pointed out, the key matchups are Rondo-TJ Ford, Garnett-Bosh, and add in Bargani-Perkins as well as the benches and coaching and this has the makings of a good early season test for the Celtics.

Key will be defending the perimeter so the Celtics should take an outside inside approach to everyone except TJ Ford. TJ will beat with his penetration (Same could be said about Rondo, though). The Boston Celtics may not win this game.

Sunday, November 4, 2007 11:00 CST

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