Monday, February 4, 2008

It's over and it is time to move onto the Celtics

Last night hurt me more than anything. I'm sure it hurt many of you Celtics fans whose 1st team is likely to be the New England Patriots. We all hurt when a Boston team loses especially to a New York team. But congratulations to the Giants and Tom Coughlin for pulling off an outstanding victory - one I'm sure that the sports historians will talk about two centuries from now if the American sporting tradition is still around. I can sit here and blame fukda media but I am not going to do that.

The Celtics had some rough spots but I have noticed that they are able to compete effectively without Kevin Garnett in the line-up. They are 2-1 with one of the wins against a fine Dallas team. Orlando came up with a buzzer beater from All-star snub Hedo Terkoglu (The roster number of 12 means there will be at least three snubs). Maybe Doc should invite Hedo and rest Garnett. The defense is strong and the increased use of Leon Powe has given Boston a rebounding presence. The Celtics are getting by at the point guard as Rondo is an emerging star in this league. Time is certainly on his side.

So my advice to you hungover Patriot fans wating for spring training to start is to watch the Celtics for a few weeks and see why they have the best record in the NBA. Maybe keep watching them and enjoy a playoff campaign where a true champion emerges because the winner is required to win a best 4 out of 7 series against 4 quality opponents. The nature of the NFL is that some games are decided by lucky plays and the Giants last night got three lucky plays and benefitted from one bad Belichick coaching decision by benching Gostkowski on a potential 50 yard FG attempt to give the Patriots a 10-3 lead in the 3rd.

OK enough football talk, it doesn't matter and I'm moving onto the Boston Celtics.


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